Welcome Message -- Provost

I am quite delighted to welcome all of you to our college where quality learning is first choice.
This pinnacle of higher learning has been concieved out of a genuine desire to train the much needed manpower in the health sector and to also teach the message of salvation to people, hence a perfect place to be. I enjoin you to make the best of this opportunity and to shun any behaviour that is against the underlying principles of the school. Have a happy stay...


New Admission For 2014-2015 Session

Admission into various courses in the College for the 2014-2015 academic session is underway and interested candidates are advised to visit the college website and click on Online Admission Application on the left menu panel to visit the online application portal. Please candidates are advised to follow the instructions carefully to apply. Below are the courses available and the corresponding cost of forms. Instructions on how to apply can also be found on this site.
Please click this icon to downlaod a PDF format of the entry requirements

Available Courses

  1. HND Community Health ----------- N 10,500
  2. ND Community Health----------------- N 5,500
  3. CHEW ------------------------------------N 5, 500
  4. ABRIDGEMENT --------------------------N 5,500
  5. JCHEW ------------------ ----------- N 4,000
  6. PHARMACY TECHNICIAN-------------- N 5,500
  7. ND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH-------------N 5, 500
  9. ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH ASST----------- N 4,000
  10. ND HEALTH INFORMATION MGT--------------- N 5,500
  12. DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING TECHNICIAN (x-ray Technician)---------N 5,500
  13. ND DENTAL THERAPY----------- N 5,500
  14. ND PHYSIOTHERAPY----------------- N 5,500
For entry requirements Click here

Zenith Bank Account Number: 1012086938
First Bank Account Number: 2010601680
Access Bank Account Number: 0049050202

All these banks have the same account name: NKST CHT MKAR.

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Online Application Important Dates

All applicants are advised to take note of these dates unfailingly.

  1. Application Start Date ---- 13-1-2014
  2. Closing Date ---------------- 11-4-2014
  3. Aptitude Test -----------------25-4-2014
  4. Screening -----------------26-5-2014

NOTE: Printing of Aptitude Test Card will begin on the 21st -25th of April, 2014 on the admission portal

How To pply

  1. Make payment into the College Accounts shown on this page and obtain a valid teller
  2. Log on to admissions.nkstchtmkar.org and click on start admission
  3. Fill your payment information and print the online payment ticket
  4. On the home page of the application portal, use the credentials on the payment ticket to login at the login interface on the left menu panel.
  5. On successful login, click on New Application to proceed with the application.
  6. Fill the multipart form appropriately and submit, print the form immediately.
  7. Print the reference form after a successful application

NOTE: After a successful application, applicants are advised to return to the admission portal and login to print their Aptitude Test Card as from the 21st -25th of April, 2014. This card is mandatory for the aptitude test. Candidates are also advised to read the disclaimer note in regards to the application.



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